An Introduction to Classical Indian Dances

Although contemporary dance, classical dance or modern jazz dance are essential for certain students, some of our compatriots choose to open themselves to other cultures through Asian dances. Indian is one of the most recognizable styles: to develop your sensuality and your stage performance, there’s nothing better! Discover how to learn to dance like in India. To be interested in Indian Dance Classes, means first of all to discover the great history of India and even its mythology.

Indian Bollywood Dance, is very popular in the Asian continent. According to Hindu mythology, the dance would be a creation of the god Brahma: this art appeared in the second century BC. C, according to the mythological texts. Dance in India is indispensable on a social, aesthetic, artistic or cultural level. As a general rule, Indian dance and theater are inseparable: dance is practiced around a story told or suggested and certain dancers even use mime to express their story better.

Dance is an art that is an integral part of Indian culture and folklore. Many Indian classical dances have been developed over the years for special occasions such as marriage, celebrations or religious rites. To learn Indian dance and turn your passion for dancing into your work, it is essential to review the Folk Classes of the subcontinent: Indian culture is a great advantage to learn Indian dance or even become a true professional of Asian dance. Indeed, there is not a single Indian dance, but several styles of Indian Semi-Classical dance.

Both the north and the south of India are inspired by their regional history to create their popular cultural dances. The types of dances usually have some similarity points, although the dance steps differ: some dances are practiced on a slow tempo or a fast tempo, individually or in groups with traditional or more modern themes. So, why to wait for more, just visit online now and cater your need to find the Indian Dance Classes. For more information, visit this page.