Magic Behind New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is finally here, and these celebrities have shown with their looks that they handle very well with the theme! From looks to celebration parties, ceremonies and of course to appreciate the parades in the front row, the famous if they know how to look amazing. And since we know you want to keep up with the latest celebrity news and the latest trends, we made a compilation of the best outfits used by the stars.

The NYFW has been a complete mix of trends, forms and demands. This edition has been marked, without a doubt, made by the public demand in some of the parades, the diversity of bodies and sizes within the fashion industry. A showcase that we anticipate the trends of the new season, a week full of NY Fashion Week in which there are impressive parades of the best designers in the world, you can see the street up close style of celebrities, it girls, influencers and models that parade through the streets.

During the month of September, designers and celebrities from around the world travel to New York to attend the CFDA fashion shows and events that take place. It’s Fashion Week! where the new collections of brands and designers are presented. Dress in a very attractive and sexy way. Those who visit the Art Hearts Fashion ¬†Week are concerned about wearing a look very studied for the occasion, trying to capture the attention of the cameras and NYFW the shows new trends.

Nobody wants to go unnoticed! Designers surpass each year, not only with their collections, but with the places where they present them. Their models defended the colorful costumes with blows of drums, jumps and dances.  The costume looks always continue to trend, yes, with a renewed aesthetic. So, why to wait for more, just visit online now. For more information, visit this page.